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Enamel Pin Magnets- Ramadan & Eid


modernEID x Eid Creations Collaboration! 

What happens when two trailblazers in the Ramadan/Eid product industry celebrate their 10th Anniversary? They collaborate on a product of course!

Starting with modernEID’s Luna collection art, Eid Creations helped translate it into these stunning “pins” that are actually magnets!  Instead of a damaging pin, these metal pins have flat backs with ultra strong magnets to hold them in place. 

The magnet backs make them so versatile they can be worn on clothing, tote bags, backpacks, hung on your fridge, embellish gifts or adorn napkin place settings on your table.

Each set contains 4 different Enamel Pins, choose between the Ramadan or Eid design set. Designed by modernEID.

Eid Set includes: Happy Eid, Crescent Moon, Eid Mubarak Rainbow & Mosque

Ramadan Set includes: Ramadan Kareem, Crescent Moon, Musbaha (Prayer beads), Mosque.

Pins measure approximately 1"x1.5" depending on style. Limited Quantities.