eco friendly gift wrap paper for Eid, compostable

It's time to clean up our gift wrapping act

Eco-friendly wrapping paper has arrived!
Peace & Salam eco friendly gift wrap modernEID
Did you know that traditional wrap is difficult to recycle due to glossy plastic coatings, glitter, foils, or flockings that make accessing the actual fiber exceedingly difficult? Also, almost all conventional roll wrapping paper is printed overseas, so its true environmental cost is much higher. 
Did you ALSO know that paper fiber from newspapers stays fairly intact and can be recycled up to seven times?
It may seem like making a swap to a more eco-friendly wrapping paper is not that big of a deal, but collectively, individual choices make a huge difference. And when we look at the larger picture we can start to see the true impact of simple switches.
Peace & Salam eco friendly gift wrap modernEID
Our new eco-friendly gift wrap comes off the newspaper press as a folded sheet, eliminating the need for an inner cardboard tube. No tube = less waste, smaller ship boxes, and reduces shipping costs to you! 
The paper we use is certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI). Our new flat wrap is printed with soy-based ink on premium recycled newsprint which makes it 100% recyclable AND compostable. Yes, you can put it in a compost bin or garden under the right conditions newsprint decomposes in about 6 weeks!
And because over 73% of all newspapers in the US are recovered and recycled, you can also recycle it with confidence it will be repurposed.
Finally our packs come in a plant-based PLA sleeve which is plastic-fee, to ensure that the products are transported and stored safely.
In our continued commitment to source ethically, our new Peace & Salam gift wrap bundle is designed, milled, printed and packaged in the USA— not China!
peace & Salam gift wrap eco friendly
So when you purchase our new gift-wrap bundle you will receive THREE large sheets of gift wrap that measure 21.5”x34” each. Each sheet is two sided with 2 different designs which gives you the flexibility to use at Eid (with the Happy Eid Terrazzo side) AND for any other occasion (with the Peace & Salam side).
PLUS there are 3 gift tags included right on the belly band in the package! Perforated for easily removal, and prepunched you can wrap SEVERAL presents using what you get in this big bundle!
modernEID flat eco-friendly wrapping paper Peace & Salam
Just like a newspaper, because it's folded there will be slight creases in the paper when unfurled. These usually relax a bit if smoothed out.  
But doesn't newspaper smudge?
The printing process used to produce these sheets conserve energy by not heat sealing the ink on the paper, and does not use any additional chemically-based sealers or laminates—to keep the product as green as possible. Our paper’s soy-based inks absorb more thoroughly than petroleum-based inks which will produce a beautiful soft matte effect, just like traditional newspapers (remember those?). But we avoid heavy dark inks to reduce any smudging on your fingers,  and we've been playing around them you'd have to rub them pretty hard to get ink on your fingers!
Hey a few slight creases are a small price to pay for the impact on the environment you are making with this purchase. Feel good about gift giving with this eco-friendly product!
modernEID flat eco-friendly wrapping paper Peace & Salam