After receiving an Eid present in discounted old Christmas gift wrap, it became obvious that there was a need for accessories specific for the Eid holidays. Of the few products already out there, most fell into one of two categories: overly gilded or pretty tacky. 

We wanted to get children (and grown-ups) excited about the holidays and encourage families to start new traditions with products that were specific for them done in a modern way. Hence modernEID was born!

Since 2011, modernEID has been answering the call for contemporary gift and partyware. Most of our products are made in the USA of the highest quality. But we don't stop there-we have created designs that can be used for any celebration. Birthdays, showers, holidays and parties, no matter what the celebration, modernEID will help you make it pretty... and modern!


Hey there, I’m Jomana and I've been designing stationery since 2003. It was my love for modern unique design that led me to bring my style to products for Ramadan and Eid. As a Lebanese American born in the mid-west and living in Southern California, I wanted to help create Ramadan/Eid traditions that also incorporated my proud American culture not just for my generation but for the future generations to come. Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy my art!

For more insight into my creative tendencies, visit my lifestyle blog: www.ahappyblog.com