Ramadan Table & DIYs with Domino Magazine

Ramadan Table & DIYs with Domino Magazine

Traditionally Ramadan—the ninth month of the Islamic calendar that is observed by Muslims across the world as a time of fasting, prayer, and reflection—is all about community: getting together in the evenings and gathering around food. And while this year the holiday (taking place April 12 to May 12) is very different because of the pandemic, I am still really into decorating my family’s house. It’s customary to have a predawn meal (referred to as suhur) and a nightly meal that breaks the fast (called iftar), so the dining table is central to it all. 

Lately I’ve been gravitating toward colors and materials that are ultra-cozy (think: creams, whites, and cane webbing). With being cooped up at home, I think people are craving that relaxed atmosphere, so this Ramadan I started my table setting with a sandy-toned runner and evenly spaced my centerpieces down the length of the table, filling in the gaps with pampas grass and dried palm leaves. Completing it all: natural wood chargers and platters that will be dotted with dates and these three super-simple DIYs you’ll want to keep out year-round.

I was tapped to create a Ramadan Table for Domino Magazine that focused on the home & simple DIYs to easily incorporate current trends into your Ramadan (& year-round) decor. Check out the full article for DIY details on Domino.com


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