Mipster Moji ™ app by modernEID

Mipster Moji App by modernEID

From the company that brought you a modern Eid, comes the iMessage sticker pack for the modern Muslim. 

If you're a Muslim and you're a hipster, you just might be a Mipster!

Mipster Moji sticker app (TM) by modernEIDMipster Moji sticker app (TM) by modernEIDMipster Moji sticker app (TM) by modernEID

This fun pack includes 50 fun emoji and animated stickers for adorning your iMessages with modern flair. 

Mipster moji by modernEID animated stickers


download Mipster Moji App on the App Store
-TAP a sticker to send quickly
-DRAG stickers anywhere into your iMessage chat to lay on top of a conversation
-LAYER stickers onto photos, bubbles, or even on top of other stickers
-Resize & rotate to change their scale.

    Easily load this sticker pack in your iMessages using the iMessage App store.
    1. TAP the App store icon next to your message input field
    2. TAP the lower left icon that opens your app drawer
    3. Downloaded stickers will appear here and can be managed within the app drawer
    4. TAP the Mipster Moji icon to see all your stickers and drag into your conversation
    Download Mipster Moji in the App Store
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