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AyshaHarunXmodernEID Luna Ramadan Countdown Acrylic


AyshaHarunXmodernEID collection.

Create an elegant display by combining this stunning large arch Ramadan piece with our Luna Centerpiece modular system (wood base sold separately). Designed to be used with a dry-erase marker to write in the days during Ramadan. This elegant deep green arch is the tallest piece in the Luna Collection. 

You can choose to display individually with a small wood base, or as part of a larger set to complement your existing pieces.

It's the perfect Ramadan piece whether showcased on its own or alongside our other Luna accessories.

*Only use with a dry-erase marker and be sure to clean promptly.

Measures approximately 5.75”x9.25” - base is sold separately.

 *Please note, discount codes are not applicable to this collection.