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Peace & Salam Gift Wrap Bundle


This product will revolutionize what you think about gift wrap!

Our new Peace & Salam design is featured on flat folded wrap. Why flat? No long rolls with crazy high shipping costs. Most importantly, our new wrapping paper is printed with soy-based ink on recycled newsprint which makes it 100% recyclable AND compostable (traditional wrapping paper is NOT). Even the "bag" the wrap arrives in is a plastic-free plant-based PLA bag. AND all this is made in the USA.

Learn more about why all these features MATTER and about the product here.

This wrapping paper bundle comes with TWO designs on large reversible sheets. Use the Peace & Salam design for any occasion OR turn it over to the Happy Eid Terrazzo for Eid time. We include 3 full reversible sheets PLUS 3 gift tags right in the bundle.


-THREE fully reversible sheets with "Peace & Salam" on one side and "Happy Eid Terrazzo" on the reverse. Sheets measure a large 21.5"x34" each and arrive folded.

-PLUS THREE Gift Tags are included featuring Peace & Salam design.

*Just like a newspaper, because it's folded there will be slight creases in the paper. These usually relax a bit. The printing process conserves energy by not heat sealing the ink on the paper, and does not use any additional chemically-based sealers or laminates—to keep the product as green as possible. Our paper’s soy-based inks absorb more thoroughly than petroleum-based inks which will produce a beautiful soft matte effect. Feel good about gift giving with this eco-friendly product!